Hump-Day Hotties #2

| Wednesday, April 21
For your viewing pleasure today, I would like to share some pictures of one of my fave geek crushes, none other than Angel himself, David Boreanaz. Also, Agent Seely Booth on one of my pseudo-scifi loves, Bones. Whether a hot, brooding vamp or a cute, goofy FBI agent, you gotta admit he's nice on the eyes. And apparently there was some tabloid trash about him, but I don't read that, so I don't care.

For image sources, click on pictures.


catherine said...

yum!!!! :D

Katie said...

He's pretty much the hottest guy on TV. Cue salivary glands!

hermione329 said...

I am grateful that you did not post his naked pictures because I have seen them and my fantasies were crushed. poor Buffy.

Emily said...

There is a guy that goes to my gym that looks like David Boreanaz . . . he's pretty much the only reason I regularly work out

Kara said...

That would def get me to the gym in a hurry!

And about the "nude" pics of DB, from what I understand, pretty much ALL of them are PhotoShopped fakes.

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