Poetry Blog Hop: Where I'm From

| Tuesday, July 13
As I've not been doing a whole lot of creative writing in a long time, when @metta1313 suggested last week, an assignment fit for we English teachers, I jumped at the opportunity. I remember the 8th grade teachers using this same assignment as a "getting to know you" exercise with their students a few years ago and thinking how cool it was then. Now I'm trying my hand at the skeleton poem inspired by George Ella Lyon, "Where I'm From". 
am from mountains of books
from cookies I bake and novels that consume me
I am from the silver-blue walls 
of my hideaway that hide me from the night
(calm, and at the same time 
mysterious, like a sky before the storm)
I am from the delicate, pink petunias spreading,
The errant sassafras against the fence 
whose long gone limbs I remember
as if they were my own.
I’m from big holiday dinners and perfectionism 
that makes them complete
from a neurotic, analytical, overly-talkative mother 
and a painfully distant father.
I’m from a nose stuck in a book 
and baking cookies at Christmas
and from sitting at a little table 
away from everyone else with my favorite Cousin at meals. 
I’m from "Hold your horses!" and "Stop picking your nose!"
and "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."
I’m from big family holiday dinners 
with meticulously 
roasted meats and ever-present mashed potatoes
I’m from the suburban South and heaths and highlands,
sweet corn on the cob and whoopie pies.

From the time when my grandma brought home 
all the old books 
on record from her classroom 
when she retired,
my cousins and I hid in the back bedroom
red-striped record player on, Frog and Toad are Friends.

In a box in my closet
where it's not too far away,
are piles and piles of family photos
that I treasure,
but am too distracted to do anything with.
Someday, maybe, a scrapbook or
album, but for now
from piles of memories.


metta1313 said...

So glad you participated. I chuckled at "Hold your horse's" I totally forgot about that. Oh, and this has teacher written all over it. LOVE!

Sara said...

Hi! I really like your version of this... the fact that you kept books & reading running through the whole thing is great!

Sadako said...

Very nice poem! Liking your blog, too!

Amy said...

I really enjoyed your poem. More please. :)

Krystal said...

I have visions of great family dinners. Sounds like my family get together s.

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