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| Tuesday, June 15
Once upon a time, I was flying home from university for Christmas vacation. My dad thought I needed to fly because if I didn't, I'd lose my thousands of frequent flyer miles I'd been building since I was like, 10, so he bought me a ticket for what would normally have been a two hour drive. It was a longer flight! I had a seriously long layover due to bad weather and a flight delay in Cincinnati, and as I was bored, I sought our the nearest bookstore. What did I find? Something that I probably should have read in 1997 had I even known about it, instead of Christmas holiday 2001. Yes, I picked up a copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
I got the pocket paperback edition, as it was small and surefire, like me!

As I often get with something I enjoy, I was obsessive. And I had honestly never really read any form of fantasy lit before. I got the next two books from the public library once I got home. As GoF had just come out relatively recently, it was impossible to get hold of, and I didn't want to buy it hardback as I was a broke undergrad and it cost like $20. I was sad that I had to stop at book 3. 

Then Mom and I were at a used bookstore in the city, and I stumbled across a copy for $10! That was half-off the cover price. Worked for me, plus my mom paid for it. Even better!

And thus began the serious, deep Harry Potter obsession! 

Stay tuned to learn about: 

How I dreamed of living at Hogwarts
How I am apparently a member of Slytherin, Gryffindor, and Ravenclaw (oh, and I go to Beauxbatons)
How I threw a HP-themed party
How the Hub and I were total dorks about Deathly Hallows
How I was ├╝ber-nerd with HP online communities

I'm only doing this in parts because otherwise one post about my HP obsession would be painfully long!


Angela said...

EEE!!! I have been in SUCH a Harry Potter craze lately and this only is fueling the fire. ^_^

Here is my story: A family friend - a really sweet nun - gave me a copy of each Harry Potter book up to book 3 since those were the only one's for sale back than. She signed them and I wish I could remember what she said.

I read the first book, got scared (I was a chicken shit) and locked the book away. In 2003, I was 13 and was watching Reba with my parents while folding laundry when I saw a commercial come on TV for the second HP movie. There was a scene with Fawkes and I fell in love. I LOVE animals.

The scene was adorable, so I instantly decided I'd actually give Harry Potter a second try. I watched the first movie and started reading the series and just fell in love. I went on the Harry Potter boards and became the biggest forum geek ever. And there, in Diagon Alley... I met Jen. ♥

I definitely think I need to add this story to my own blog! ;)

Eleni said...

Yay for Harry Potter! I "discovered" the series in summer of 1999, when I read the first three books in three consecutive days. My cousin living in the U.K. had brought back the third book for us; it didn't come out in the U.S. until September that year. The books are so much fun (the third is still my favorite). Those were good times. Can't wait to read your upcoming posts--I love a good Harry Potter geek out :)

VanillaBean said...

Fantastic! At least it looks like you didn't get sucked into the goofy fanfiction some of us got obsessed with. (and still sometimes lapse into)
I analyzed and obsessed and dressed up, and even learned to use a lathe and make my own wands.

Amy said...

Ooh, I can't wait to hear about the HP theme party!

(I learned how to make my own wands with a lathe too. Couldn't help it!)

Shinxy said...

I don't -get- Harry Potter. But then, I don't -get- the entire fiction genre.

Emily Jane said...

I was totally late to the HP party too, and I was quickly obsessed - but honestly I still haven't read the last two books!! I want HP party pics though, can't wait to see!!

Kara said...

I didn't get into the fanfic, but I was seriously into the forum RPGs which is another story to come! Which is geekier? ;)

@Amy and Emily
Sadly, there are no pictures of the party for some dumb reason. Probably my intoxication before the party even began due to constant sampling of my "potions"! That post will be up later this week.

Kara said...

What a cute story! You definitely need to add it to your blog!

Melissa said...

TELL ME you have seen A Very Potter Musical! I recently watched it on YouTube a couple of months ago and it totally rekindled my love for all things Harry Potter.

TabithaVenasse said...

While I'm not a fan of Potter in any way... I am still kinda excited to hear about your obsession. I guess it's the knowing it's a geeky thing, and getting insight into the obsession of another geek :)

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