Hump Day Hotties #9

| Wednesday, June 16

Time for Hotties: World Cup Edition! (Thanks to my friend @metricmodulate for the idea...)

Iker Casillas
G Spain/Real Madrid

Lukas Podolski
F Germany/1. FC Köln

Victor Valdes 
G Spain/Barcelona

Cristiano Ronaldo
F Portugal/Real Madrid

Yoann Gourcuff
M France/Bordeaux

Carlos Bocanegra
D United States/Rennes

Fabio Cannavaro
D Italy/Juventus

Didier Drogba
F Cote d'Ivoire/Chelsea

And what kind of hot football (soccer to us Yanks) list would be complete without the man who made me drool over footie players in the first place...

David Beckham
Formerly of England
Currently of A.C. Milan

See? If you have no other reason to watch the World Cup matches, watch for the hot men! You can even mute the television so the bloody vuvuzelas don't give you a headache.


Emily Jane said...

NICE. I have come to the conclusion that Casillas and Valdes are all cut from the same cloth as Justin on this season's Bachelorette and YES we all know he's going to be the bad guy in the end but I still love him and his little crutches and his drop dead gorgeous Casillas-Valdesness. #GuiltyPleasure

Melissa said...


I've been watching a bit of the World Cup, but CLEARLY not enough. I need to up my game!

Amy said...

And moments like these make me reconsider sports. Wow.

Thanks. :D

TabithaVenasse said...

I don't even watch FIFA... and I'm drooling. The one dude (Victor Valdes) looks like the actor from John Tucker Must Die. *drool*

City Soliloquy said...

Woah o.O

I'm sure Victor Valdes has come straight from the cover of a romance novel. Cristiano Ronaldo is such a pretty boy, very attractive and he knows it.

Amber said...

Guys who play soccer have the best bodies. Seriously.

Thank you for these gorgeous pictures.

catherine said...

WoAh....maybe i need to watch more soccer!

Eleni said...

Whoa, I'm totally switching my allegiance to Spain. Have they been doing well? Wait, it doesn't matter. Those guys are HOT!

Anonymous said...

Becks isn't my cup of tea, but Yoann can come around for crumpets anytime he likes.

And bloody hell Iker. Does that man ever take a bad photo?

I must say.. I don't get the CR7 appeal. Honest.

And Poldi. OH, Poldi. I know he's kind of a dick on pitch, but I really like the guy. And Ballack. I miss him. </3

Eleni said...

Haha, the smokin' Spanish hotties did win, after all. Yay!

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