Stop Making Me Cry! (A Gleek-Out)

| Thursday, June 10
Dear Glee Finale,

You're awesome. Please stop making me cry! Yes, I'm a uber-emotional girl who cries very easily, but seriously, you're making me bawl like a little baby!! I've gone through at least three or four tissues watching you.

You've made me anticipate next season already. Hopefully FOX won't be dumb and take you away from prematurely like they did everything else I love that Joss Whedon has touched. (Beware, it's apparently FOX's kiss of death...)

I generally don't do the jump thing, but I'm doing this do avoid being spoiler-y...

First of all, the little pow-wow at Mr. Schue's house about how this is the end of the road and once Glee is done for you won't have these same friends. That made me a bit teary-eyed. Tina's breakdown over Facebook friends was the icing on the cake, there!

Will even goes to see Emma, and she puts things into perspective, but she shoots Schuester down again... And he starts crying in the car to "Don't Stop Believin'" on the radio.

Then I got super-excited that you decided to perform a Journey medley at regionals. When Finn and Rachel started singing "Faithfully", it was incredible. Gave me chills. It was beautiful. The whole performance was amazing. But seriously, what's with turning on my waterworks? Best version of "Don't Stop Believin'" ever... Besting Family Guy, even, IMHO.

Then the drama with Vocal Adrenaline. Stop it already! Ok, the theatricality of "Bohemian Rhapsody" was cool, but the fact that it was edited so well with the scenes of Quinn going into labor with the various "Mama" lines is what sent me over the proverbial edge. The tears wouldn't stop. Would you like to buy me some more tissues, now?

I had actually finally calmed down during the whole judges debating and Sue not being a total bitch scene, and the whole Sue saving Glee Club part, but then the last part of your whole hour tore me up again. Seriously? "Over the Rainbow" with Mr. Schuester and Puck while everyone looks lovingly at each other knowing they've not lost each other yet and you reveal Ms. Corcoran adopts Quinn and Puck's baby and names her Beth? Seriously, STOP IT!!

But keep on with the level of awesomesauce that you've started out with. The bar has been set high, and you've gotta keep rockin' out for years to come. Don't let the (FOX) man bring you down!!



Emily Jane said...

LOVED IT!! I was nervous because the episode last week was kinda depressing (maybe that's just because I hate funk lol) but LOVED everything about this one. The Journey medley was AMAZING!!

RAY J said...

Dude I totally knew she was going to adopt Beth when she showed up at the hospital shortly after she was born and was asking Quinn and Puck about her... especially after she told Rachel about how she missed her chance getting to raise her and we learned in a previous episode she physically cannot have anymore kids... =)

I caught the first half of your post before I watched it though so I prepared myself.

I saw a guy on America's Got Talent last week who performed a version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow VERY similar to the one in the episode... and I hadn't heard a version like that prior either... kinda strange...

LOVED this episode though, as Journey and Queen are 2 my favorite 'classic' rock bands, so of course I LOVED the music!

Kara said...

I love the ukulele version. It's by a Hawaiian named Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. I think I like it better than the standard Judy Garland version.

Amber said...

Glee is the only show on the air today that can make me cry. I think I read that the cast might be at comic-con next month, which seems weird, but I'll take it.

VanillaBean said...

I loved the Journey mashup. It perfectly went back to the beginning of the season and made me so happy. Definitely the most epic episode of the series!

Shinxy said...

Gah! I scrolled down and I thought the comments would be safe! I THOUGHT THE COMMENTS WOULD BE SAAAAAAAAAFE! Good thing I don't know who Beth is.

We just saw the Lady GaGa one, are we ages behind you?

Hayley said...

I just wanna say that my hubs is a tv geek (among other things) and he told me that Glee has been renewed for 2 more seasons already. So don't worry at least there's hope for a few more years of it :-)

And it was a very sad episode. Hard to keep it together.

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