I'm Hungry...

| Friday, June 11
...and so I am subjecting you all to food porn, a la Anthony Bourdain! 

First up, some kind of Asian soup/stew/noodle something that looks absolutely delicious! 

Then how about both a Jersey Dog (with bacon) and a Chicago Dog! 

Then some planked salmon with lime and cilantro, anyone? 

After all of that, I'd like some figs. Yeah, because you can't get fresh ones around here.

And as if there'd be any space left, but I'd make some for my favorite fruit in tart-form! 

Yeah, so I'm hungry, and looking at these pictures definitely haven't helped, but I've not done decent grocery shopping in weeks, I'm lazy, and don't want to get off my butt. At least I found out Hub wants beer and pizza for dinner, so Mellow Mushroom, here we come!!


Booya said...

I want those 2 dogs. They look delicious. Now I'm hungry. :(

Ambiguous Geek said...

Oh my gosh. I want it ALL.

Emily Jane said...

A whole pickle in that hot dog! Om nom NOM!!

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