Sci-Fi Lessons

| Saturday, June 5
While watching Blade Runner tonight, I realized that I have learned many things about the future from science fiction. Here are the lessons I have learned:

The future is dirty. There are not enough garbage men. All we have is Scruffy, the janitor. (Blade Runner, Futurama)

Our modes of transportation don't seem to be much different. Cars fly but still have tires (Blade Runner, Back to the Future), spaceships can be clunkers (Firefly), and there is mass-transit (Futurama).

There are birds. Lots and lots of birds. Random birds. Like owls and falcons and doves. (Blade Runner)

Everyone understands Mandarin. (Firefly and Blade Runner)

Aliens are plentiful, speak English (or at least we can understand them and they us), and aren't always friendly. (Futurama, Doctor Who, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)

Clones, evil twins, Replicants, and androids will exist, but they WILL be EVIL. (Like Wil Wheaton)

I am sure there are many other lessons I have omitted here, but don't criticize, share! And please be sure to enlighten us all with WHERE you learned such lessons.


Anonymous said...

No matter the situation, standing up for yourself never goes out of style (Firefly, Star Trek)

Amy said...

Robots are never, ever, ever a good idea. Multiple. :)

Great post.

RAY J said...

In addition to everything being dirty, the world's become like a desert barren wasteland outside the major cities.

In a lot of cases too it seems like the world has progressed backwards, with people wearing cloths and living in huts... (like in Star Wars) - what happened to jeans?!

Kara said...

And if they're steampunk robots, even worse! (see downgraded Bender)

@Ray J
Seriously, what is with future fashion? I don't wanna dress like Leeloo or the people of San Angeles (Demolition Man)!

Emily Jane said...

Haha, great lessons!! I think I learned a lot from Star Trek as a kid :) I must admit I can't watch Blade Runner again after reading the book, it's SO good!!

TabithaVenasse said...

No matter what the intentions, going out into the universe in search of new friends will only lead to the discovery of enemies so dangerous that they threaten all existence.

Melissa said...

Our Weapons Will Be Boxy In The Future!

It's just one of the many things that sci-fi has taught me over the years :P

This post is fabulous.

catherine said...

i love it! i've noticed a lot of those things about sci fi's always dirty...and yes, mandarin. guess i should forget all those years of french! lol

Finding Myself said...

Just found your blog through 20sb! Glad to find other geeks on here! I am now following :D

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