Hump Day Hotties #7

| Wednesday, June 2
I can't believe I've been writing this feature for about 8 weeks already! (I know it's #7, but I skipped at least one week...) Each week, as Wednesday draws near, I worry I won't be able to come up with a theme for my hotties post, and then something completely random will come to me. Like last week's spy hotties in honor of Burn Notice starting back up for the summer. Remember friends in the states, it starts tomorrow at 9pm EDT!

As I was pondering what do do for this week's post, I was reminded thanks to a countdown on Ray J's blog that True Blood begins again soon. And I do love me some TB men. So, now, in honor of another summer season premiere, here are some hot vamps (and non-vamps - I mean, Jason doesn't get as much love, but he's still hot) for the taking.

Sookie and Bill



Baby Vamp Jessica


And my favorite, Eric (who comes with a bonus pic!)


RAY J said...

These DEFINITELY put me in a good mood this morning =D

Melissa said...

This is the best advertisement for True Blood ever. Because of this post, I went to the library and took out season one. I'm not kidding even one bit.

Eleni said...

I don't watch the show, but I've heard such good things about it...and now I've seen such good things about it, too!

Kara said...

See? Everyone should watch this show because it's full of hot people AND vampires! Melissa bought in! (Hope you love it!)

Anonymous said...

YES. ERIC. THANK YOU. can't wait for season 3 to premiere!!!

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