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| Tuesday, June 29
One of the best things about the blogging and Twitter world is that you come into contact with amazing people, like these crafters who make fun, geeky stuff.  Worthy, even, of a place on our shelves of geek toys in the living room!

First off, there are adorably evil crocheted Cthulhus. They're made by @ruthbeingruth who is also known as @cthulhuchick. If you're interested, you can find them on her Etsy page. She's also got a blog about the project which is quite fun! You can see the journey of CthulhuCthulhu, the conjoined-twin elder god.
Picture from CthulhuChick.com

There are also three incredible ladies who make geek soap! First, Kylee of Luxury Lane Soap. She's so amazing, FOX sent her a cease and desist letter about her "Fight Club" soap. Plus she's the proud owner of a seriously cool Boba Fett tattoo! She's also the one who makes Han Solo in Carbonite soap. You might've heard about it, if you're awesome. It's pretty incredible.
Picture from Luxury Lane Soap

Then there's @GeekyClean who has all sorts of amazing geeky clean soaps, but seems to be most known for her soaps that come with imbedded d20s, TetraSoap, and the Death Bar.

Last, but most certainly not least, is Lesley of GeekSoap. She and I both have schnauzers and are teachers. Yay! Plus her turnaround time on orders was seriously fast! I ordered her d20 soap on a rope and a <3 soap for the hub. She's also got Iron Man arc reactors, Dr. Who, Hitchhiker's Guide, and The Monarch soaps. How cool are those?

I got a few of these things for the hubs for our anniversary.

Kylee and Lesley also started a site to highlight cool geeks who make geeky stuff. Check out G33Kmade when you get a chance!


Herding Cats said...

I like the heart soap :)

Ruth said...

As a crafter, it's been so much fun for me to network with other people who do the same stuff, or even different-but-also-geeky stuff. :)

Glad you and the hubs liked Cthulhu!!

Amber said...

Aaah!. I have to get that Han Solo soap. Like, now.

Lesley said...

Awwwe you're the bestest! <3 Thanks!

Ambiguous Geek said...

Kara, left something for you on my blog.

RAY J said...

You would LOVE http://www.spritestitch.com/ - go there and view - they have some AWESOME gamer arts and crafts stuff!

Shinxy said...

OMG yay! Thanks for the links :)

Amy said...

So much geek handmade awesome! :)

soft nonsense said...

I don't know if I would wash my hands more or less with that soap.

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