Bloggerstock: The Story of What's on Your Desk

| Wednesday, June 30
Hello everyone on Crayons and Cylons.  Before we get started, please read Kate's blog post over at  She did a wonderful job.  Ok, this month's Bloggerstock theme is called "The Story of What's on Your Desk.". This post is not really a story,  more like a list of crap of what on my desk.  I do have a lot of stuff on my desk.  Get comfy because this might take awhile. I am including a photo of my desk. I also numbered it to organize this post.  Let's start with number one.

1 - What you see is the basic stuff starting with my 20 inch Acer monitor. On top of the monitor is the web cam. That big black thing next to the monitor is my PC tower. My speakers are next to the monitor. Keyboard and mouse. Nothing to exciting. Ok, on to #2.

2 - I bet your wondering what that orange RSS icon is doing on my desk. Well that's my RSS pillow. Some of you may know it already. I think it's cute. To the right of the pillow is my 320GB external hard drive. Very handy.  Next to that is my bluetooth headset. There is an electric pencil sharpener but you can't see it because it's behind the bright orange pillow.  Every desk has gotta have a pencil sharperner. In front of the RSS pillow is my phone resting on a mini bean bag, an ipod touch, a remote, and an ipod touch car charger.

3 - Let's venture behind that door.  Basically there's some stuff from high school that I kept for no reason whatsoever.  Notebooks, papers, books, folders. Nothing too interesting. There are also some CDs and a CD player. Yes, I still have some ancient technology.

4 - Ok let venture back up to numero quatro. Here we have a vast array of computer stuff and non-computer stuff. First non-computer item is my fiber optic Christmas tree. I decided to keep the little tree up because it just adds a bit of color to my boring desk. To the right of that are my letters for Jury Duty that I kept just in case I need them sometime down the road. Left of the tree are my Sony headphones. Next to the headphones are my pencils and pens. That red and white box in the back is my box of rubber bands. My Uncle gave me the box of rubber bands a long time ago. Never know when you might need a rubber band. Also, I tend to find some laying around the house or at work so I pick them up and put them in the box. There also 3 thumb drives in there somewhere. Also in the back are more CDs.

5 - Now, downward and to the right of the desk is number 5! There are various items in this section. Mostly arts and crafts such as plain white paper, crayons and markers my niece left behind. You can partly see my mini paper shredder. It's a piece of crap. Eats up C batteries like crazy. Under it are some yellow legal pads. You can also see the case for my ipod touch. I need to throw that away. Under it are some dusty blank CDs in green and blue cases. There's also a crown royal bag of various erasers, lol.

6 - Nothing much in area 6. In the far back is the heavy duty 3 hole punch. In front of that is the Netflix dvd holder, my stapler and tape dispenser. That it for area 6.  That it for 6.  Let head on over to 7 shall we.

7 - Below the number 7, you see an array of brightly colored paper.  Those were given to me from my sister when her niece didn't want them anymore.  I decided to keep them just in case I need neon paper.  There also a few note pads.  Under those note pads is a old rewriteable disc drive.  52x max speed.  Above are 2 more disc drives.  One is rewritable and the other is not.  Also hidden from view is old floppy drive.  Some construction paper my niece left behind.

8 - Oh boy there a lot to type for number 8.  Ok let start on the left side.  There are 2 Maryland road maps.  Comes in handy at times.  Red box is what my webcam came in.  A box containing a backup mouse in front of the red box.  White box contains some floppy disks.  Haven't touch those in years.  Tiny mech assault toy.  A black container containing a lot of pencils and pens.  You can't see it but there is spongebob squarepants on a pencil.  It was a cereal prize.  Not sure which cereal it was.  Gonna say Frosted Flakes.  Next to that is the paper clip dispenser.  The 2 jars are filled with paper clips.  Seriously I'm set for life on paper clips.  The bright area in the middle is the small lamp.  Next to it is various items like pencils, pens, erasers, permenant marker, clips and my cute n fuzzy toy.  It doesn't have a name.  I should give it a name!  To the right, I got some books on basic html and javascript books.  Macromedia web publishing book.  Creating web pages for dummy book and a Lord of the Rings book.  There also a Textbridge software.  An old XM satellite reciever that someone did not want.

9 - Last but not least, that is my 25 inch TV/second monitor made by Sharp.  Yes you read that correctly.  It is my second monitor.  Connect via HDMI cable.  I won't name names but there is someone that is quite jealous of my 2 monitors.  Believe me, having 2 monitors is wonderful.  I can watch web videos on my big monitor while I work on my blog.  Like what I'm doing now in fact.  :)  Jealous now?  Muahahaha  Sorry.   If I'm not using it as my computer monitor,  I can switch over to regular tv.  Also comes with a built in DVD player in the back.

So that it of the tour of my desk.  All the stuff you saw was collected over the years.  I still have junk in this desk that dates back to high school, maybe middle school if I keep searching.  Sooner or later, it will get used.  I should really clean my desk but why should I?  I like to think it gives my desk some sort of personality.  Before I end this, I should give thanks to  Kara for hosting my blog.  Read her Bloggerstock post at Cerebral Lunch Box by Witless Exposition .  You can catch me at  Also check out and sign up for future blog rings.  Thank you for reading.  Peace Out!


Emily Jane said...

I LOVE that you have an RSS pillow. /Want :)

Herding Cats said...

I, too, want the RSS pillow. Where did you get it? So perfect for a desk top!

Toya said...

Ok. I didn't know they made RSS pillows but I will look that up cuz I want one now! And thanks for the lovely tour of what's on your desk. Oh and thanks for participating in Bloggerstock!

DarkShinobi said...

I can do a whole SAGA on the stuff on my desk at work...perhaps I will one day.

Booya said...

The RSS Pillow is from That plus many other geeky pillows. Thank you guys for reading. :)

Kris said...

Haha. Serious pillow envy going on in here.

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