Return of the TARDIS

| Saturday, April 17
So, I will admit, I'm a bit late to the party when it comes to Doctor Who, but I am super excited about the premier tonight on BBCA. I'll actually be at a close family friend's birthday party tonight, so THANK GOODNESS for my DVR! I've heard that the kickoff to the new series with the eleventh Doctor is great from people in the UK and Canada, and I seriously appreciate those bloggers for not giving me any spoilers!

In honor of this, I've decided to go back and watch some old eps from Netflix today, and so I sit, avoiding the pollen storm outside, in a self-created marathon with Christopher Eccleston, the ninth Doctor. I decided to go all the back to the beginning of the revived show and watch series 1. Personally, I prefer David Tennant, the tenth Doctor, as you never forget your first Doctor. But these episodes are still great! Less hair in this one, though. :)

I just hope that the young Matt Smith is as brilliant. (Not quite sure what to make of his hair, yet, though. Even more insane than Tennant's!)

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What are your favorite Doctor Who stories? 


Eleni said...

I've never seen an episode of Doctor Who, though I'm definitely interested and may jump on the bandwagon if I find some free time.

One of my oldest and best friends is named Matt Smith (it is a common enough name, but still, it's not like I see it all the time) so it's always funny to me when I read about Matt Smith as the new Doctor.

Kara said...

Yeah, I went to high school with a Matt Smith.

I jumped on the bandwagon last winter when BBCA was marathoning things leading up to the finale of David Tennant's run. And I've watched a lot in reruns. Apparently they've got it all on Netflix Instant Play now, too. That's where I get it.

Prophecy Girl said...

Must admit I'm new to this party too. I've seen a couple of the eps from the first "new" season, but that's really it. I just havent had time to watch more. I feel so out of the Sci Fi loop though for not having watched it :P

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear what you think!! So ep. 1 is premiering tonight? I can't wait for you to see #2 - I love Tennant too but I think 5.2 may be my fav. Who episode of all time!!

One of my favourite Nine episodes was "The Empty Child" two parter - same writer as for this new season. Wonderfully creepy :)

Supergreensunbear said...

Dr Who rocks!

With the head writer and executive producer now being Steven Moffat, its likely this season could be the best yet. If you check his wikipedia page, he wrote so many of the great episodes of the last few series. Such as 'Blink', 'The Girl in the Fireplace', 'Silence in the Library' and the likes :)

I think it's been excellent so far, especially since Matt Smith had such big shoes to try and fill.

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