OMG I'm Still Alive! (also: OCD/ADD gaming)

| Wednesday, January 12
This first semester of the new school year was insane! I'm really loving teaching 5th grade, but it's also keeping me much busier than normal. I've kinda let this fall by the wayside since September, and I'm terribly sorry for that. :(

Trust me, though. I'm still here, and I'm still geeking it up! I can't actually say that it's been all school that's been keeping me busy and away from the blog. Nope. It's also been the fact that the hubs and I restarted playing World of Warcraft back in October at level 1 and have been furiously leveling and playing more than anyone ever should.

See, I often apply my OCD to gaming, too. I usually get waaaay into a game for as much time as I can devote to it, but then eventually get bored (there's the ADD kicking in) and put it aside for months, maybe even years. I've done that with multiple FF games, The Sims, WoW in the past, Pokemon on my DS, Cookin' Mama, etc. I even hunted down Skies of Arcadia: Legends (GC version) and a Wavebird controller about a year ago to play on the Wii. I got about halfway through and then lost interest.

This time through with WoW has definitely been obsessive, with me spending too much time playing and shirking other responsibilities or social obligations to play.  But this time around, there are multiple reasons I'm not planning on quitting anytime soon.

1. I'm playing on a PVE server instead of PVP. 
I hated playing on a PVP server. I didn't want to kill other players. I didn't like dying constantly while trying to level my paladin in Hillsbrad Foothills. It seemed lame to have my husband with his level 70 rogue as my stealthed bodyguard just so I could go kill a few furbolgs or whatever. Now I can basically go wherever I want in-game without worrying about getting ganked.

2. I'm not leveling by myself.
Previously, I joined late in the game on my husband's server, in his guild, with some mutual friends. At this time, they were hardcore raiders and all at max level cap. It was when Burning Crusade came out, so I guess they would've all been 70. And they were running Karazhan ALL the time. I was starting over at one. Again. I could have these guys run me through dungeons for gear, but I never got good XP due to the great level gaps. Leveling was slow, tedious, and irritating. I was also playing a ret pally at a time when they were TERRIBLE, I later found out. I got tired of this, plus really not *knowing* or feeling accepted by the guildies, so I quit.
Now I've got not only my husband leveling with me, but a whole guild full of Twitter friends to chat with, goof off with, and hopefully soon run heroics with. Most of the people in the guild either started over at level 1 or transferred characters over, so they're not up to level cap. Not that I am, but I'm almost 84 and have rarely played alone. Only when I wanted to.

3. The game has changed so much! 
When I played all the way back in November 2004, you had to figure everything out for yourself. You might spend an hour trying to figure out where on your map the mobs to farm for the quest were.  As it was the beginning of the game, there were so many elements that hadn't been implemented yet. I got annoyed and quit. Then with BC, they added new stuff, but as I've mentioned, I got fed up with other things and gave up.
Now, I've actually leveled high enough to visit Outlands and Northrend. I've gotten mounts at level 20 (now it's less annoying to travel the world)! There's the Dungeon Finder which makes PUGs easier to find since our guild isn't all at the same point yet...

4. Fun pop culture references
I've noticed lots of little pop culture references the more I've played. So far, my favorite are these two Cataclysm quests:
[Once More with Eeling] in Vashj'ir (yay Buffy!!) and  [Troggzor the Earthinator] in Deepholm.

So, now that I'm almost level 84, have run my first ever heroic (Culling of Stratholme), have run my first Cata dungeon and survived (Stonecore), have lots of friends to play with, and am actually having fun with a class I LOVE (Destruction Warlock), I doubt my gaming ADD will overtake the OCD for a while.

See? Obsessive! 

Level 83 Warlock of DOOM!


Anonymous said...

There are a LOT more cute pop culture references in it, too. With the achievements, there's one where you can get a "Jenkins" title, and a lot of the names of them are very pop culture related. :D

I am so very happy to be in the guild with you. I need to cap out my main so that we can all run together here soon! <3

Ruth said...

While I've missed seeing you on the blog, I'm just happy you're still on Twitter and haven't dumped it for WoWing.

Ben Reinhardt said...

Oh man... I'm the same way with games. I have this Dreamcast game called Evolution that took me, no lie, 10 years to get through. It involved numerous restarts, but still

RAY J said...

I totally hear ya!

Leveling up the first time, if I didn't have my ex leveling an alt with me at the time or a good guildie friend I would get bored/lost and that would have sucked. And the PVP server... our server (one of the original RP servers, although nowadays it's more just a PVE server as the RP has been pretty scarce since BC) was done for like a week so we all rolled toons on a new PVP-RP server... it was nice at first as there weren't many high levels, but then we went back to our server and I would occasionally play my toon on the PVP-RP server just as I liked the class, but I gave up after getting ganked too many times while questing in Hillsbrad and STV - I don't get how people on PVP servers do it, I just can't take getting camped while trying to quest!

Glad to hear you've been enjoying it though - some of the changes to the game are nice (I like that I don't need an addon like cartographer or a leveling guide to tell me where to go to do certain quests anymore).

catherine said...

haha! i love that there's a Buffy reference :D

Eleni said...

Good to know you've been having fun and not just working hard. And it's nice to find you on Twitter. Don't know why it took me so long to join the party :)

Tabs A. Geek said...

We've missed you!

My boyfriend wants me to get into WOW. I'm not so sure. I tried the trial thing for it, and I got stuck because I couldn't figure out how to empty my damn pack. And, I was just so bloody bored. So, we'll see.

Hope we get to see at least a few more posts out of you ;)

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