Hump Day Hotties: Dragon*Con Style

| Wednesday, September 8

Here are the hotties I got to see at panels at D*C! I also actually stood about a foot away from Aaron Douglas (swoon) and met Sean Maher later, but there are no pics of those. I took Wil Wheaton's advice and decided to not be a dick.

Sean Maher and Jewel Staite

Colin Ferguson and Neil Grayston

Eddie McClintock - Warehouse 13
Erica Cerra - Eureka

Also, we got a fake-out of a strip tease by Colin Ferguson and a nice booty-shake from Eddie McClintock at that panel. Sadly, the boy took no pictures of that.


Ruth said...

At least Terry @GameCouch got a pic with Aaron Douglas (also swoon). It's funny, I might frak Apollo, but Aaron Douglas gives off the vibe of someone you could take home. You know, if he weren't a Cylon. ;)

Witless Exposition said...

So jealous! I want to go to a con, but I'm not sure I could go full out (in costume, etc.). Guess I'll have to work myself up to that!

Herding Cats said...

Lucky you!

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