Not-So-Secret Bacon Brownie Recipe

| Sunday, June 20
That was seriously fast! You all really want this bacon brownie recipe, huh? They are quite delicious, if you, in fact, love bacon, chocolate, or any combination of salty and sweet.

My recipe is incredibly top secret. (Note the sarcasm?) Here you go.

Kara's Bacon Brownies

Take your favorite brownie mix, whether it be homemade or from a box. I prefer the chewy, fudgy Pillsbury ones. 
Prepare the batter as you normally would. 

Cook up 4-6 slices of bacon, again of your choice, to be nice and crispy. 
Drain the bacon and crumble it. 

Mix the crumbled bacon into the brownie batter. 

Pour batter into your greased pan.

Bake as directed. 

I used Hormel Maple Bacon last night, and it worked incredibly well. If you really like lots of bacon, then you could probably add up to half the package, but I wouldn't go too overboard, because it could affect the consistency of the finished product.

Nom and enjoy!!


Booya said...

Your gonna make me fat with your food porn posts.

Amy said...

I heart you. YUM.

Emily Jane said...

I can't WAIT to try this. Though I'll have you on speed dial for when my arteries clog :)

Ambiguous Geek said...

I'm not sure whether it sounds yummy or gross to me.... Lol.

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