WoW Wednesday Giveaway

| Thursday, May 20

 The awesome geek-gamer-girl extraordinaire, Ray J, at Point Me to the Sky Above is giving away a $25.00 Amazon gift certificate in honor of her WoW-iversary. She's been playing the game for five years now! I couldn't stick with it that long. I played about 3 months back in November 2004 and then again for another few months in the fall of 2006. I liked the game, but my attention span is too short. She's pretty epic for sticking with it for this long. You realize that means she's played all but about 6 months of the game's existence?!

I would LOVE to win that gift certificate as I shop on Amazon way too much for my own good. It could buy me something to keep me occupied for the summer break from work. I suppose you could go check it out, too, but then you'd give me competition for that awesome prize... :) But seriously, go over there. Read her blog. It's great!


Emily Jane said...

I played it for the first two years RELIGIOUSLY... hence the night elf costume for Comic Con :) I can't any more though - I spend far too long at a computer as it is!!

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