Things Kids Write

| Tuesday, May 4
This afternoon, I was grading the research "papers" (only 2-3 paragraphs long) of my lowest English class.

Every year, our sixth grade does an interdisciplinary unit of study based on the social studies curriculum. Specifically the Middle Ages.

In English class, we do a research project. Our students each researched a person who lived from 500-1500 A.D.

Here are a couple highlights:
Student definition of concubine: it's like a wife but without legal or social status. At least she left out the fact that it's more like a mistress. Some students would probably have likened it to a hooker.

Charlemagne ruled for 600 years! (Student said he ruled from 400-1000) Holy Roman Empire, Batman! 

Also, this bad handwriting caught me off guard:
What do you think that says?

It says "shifted." I did a triple take...

And these are some of the many reasons, as much as I bitch and complain sometimes, that I LOVE my job! These kids always make me laugh.

With that said, 12.5 more school days left in this year!!!


Eleni said...

Hahaha. Well, they don't call him "the Great" for nothing!

And that is a particularly bad "f". I also couldn't tell that the first letter was an "s", so I was reading "jhitted". Less funny that way, though.

April Elizabeth said...

these are my favorite things ever. Maybe it makes me a total douche bag but I absolutely love kids howwork screw ups. Charlemane. LOL

Emily Jane said...


suki said...

We need to work on their handwriting! Everyone is so used to typing now... Eeks.

Anonymous said...

haha kids are hilarious!you must laugh every day.

Booya said...

You need to post more of your children handwriting.

Kara said...

@Eleni, Suki
And sadly, this is not the worst I've had to decipher.

I love them so much, too! Last year, I had the hub read this project aloud as I graded. Waaaay too many laughs were had!

You know, they do make me laugh every day. Whether it be something outright funny (or inappropriate and I shouldn't be laughing) or something ridiculously stupid!

I like the idea of posting more bad handwriting. "Name that word!" Look for it in the future!

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