Fits Me to a Tee

| Sunday, April 11
So, I decided to take today and list a bunch of my favorite geeky t-shirts, some of which I do own, and some of which are simply on my wishlist.

My fave places online to buy them are:
Twitter: @thinkgeek
Twitter: @threadless
Twitter: @topatoco

These are some I actually have: 

This was an epic find!

I LOVE wearing this one at school!

From the lovely Markli at Wondermark

Depend on Blue Sun products like Fruity Oaty Bars

And these are the ones I want so much:

Hijinks Ensue
Brought to you by the brilliant Joel Watson at Hijinks Ensue

In honor of Dr. Sheldon Cooper

Because I roll on the Oregon Trail

And even though it's not a t-shirt, or even anything close to wearable, I also really want this:

Brilliance from Ctrl+Alt+Del

I hope you have enjoyed my t-shirt tour and maybe, just maybe, I've given you something ELSE to spend your hard earned money on!


Lariats and Lavender said...

Oh my gosh, SO many GREAT shirts!!! I love the Oregon Trail one, simply because Jen just introduced me to that game a while ago. That's right, I had NEVER played Oregon Trail.

I was laughing my ass off. ;P

Eleni said...

My brother gave me the "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal" shirt for Christmas this year! I was so excited. I do get some confused questions from the unenlightened ("What does your shirt say? Why?"), but it does help me find other Firefly fans.

The rocks, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock one would be pretty great. And Blue Sun.

Buffy and Edward...Have you seen this?

TabithaVenasse said...

Bahahahahahahahaha! I LOVE the Buffy staked Edward one. I would SOOOO wear that.

Kate said...

Great shirts! I just ordered the Endless Forms Most Battleful off Threadless. How's this for a geeky tee?

catherine said...

Love the Buffy one and the Starbuck one especially! :D

I am SO hooked on BSG!

Kara said...

@Kate - Charles Darwin AND Pokemon!? That's epic! Love it and love Threadless.

Anonymous said...

OMG Oregon Trail....teehee ♥

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