I'm Baaack (and I'm not Wil Wheaton)!

| Wednesday, March 31
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After a long time of not being a very good (note: consistent) blogger, I actually think I might have some things to say, not to mention an audience this time.

That was always my biggest problem with my blogs in the past. They were before the social media craze, and I don't think anyone truly wanted to read about my boring grad-school life. Now people actually read each other's blogs and comment and link and stuff.

For my first day of this new blog, I am excited to say that I am on Spring Break, so there will be no teacher blog, but I do have a long-time friend coming over to marathon Big Bang Theory with me. This has quickly become one of my all time favorite shows. I'm pretty sure it's because the guys on the show are scarily relatable in my circle of friends. None of them, are, however, physicists. Is a chemical engineer close enough?

Another mind-boggling observation I've made about this show is how I can relate to two circles of people I work with via the show. There's the science teacher who watches and gets all of the nerdy jokes and will discuss the intricacies of Sheldon's physics with me. Then there are all of the other teachers who watch who think Penny's so funny, and they see things from her perspective. They appreciate the slapstick and potty humor, but never actually understand Sheldon or Leonard or any of the general geekiness. One even compared Sheldon to a really annoying student, and I couldn't sway her opinion. (I love Sheldon and despise this particular student.)

But in the end, I think it's pretty much being able to share science, comic books, and other geekiness with my friends. And awesome guest stars with TRUE geek cred don't hurt either. Yes, Katee Sackhoff, Summer Glau, and the soon-to-be-returning Wil Wheaton, I'm talking about you!


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